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Virtual consulting with intelligent methods and analysis tools

With Proceer, you can create your own virtual consulting using intelligent methods and project templates in conjunction with project management functions.

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How does it work?

Easily Create and Control your Virtual Consulting

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Create Process

Create the project structure, which specifies the workflow of the project.

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Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to the structure which should be done in the workflow of the project.

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Manage Project

Start the project, steer and analyze the workflow.

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Engage your customers actively in the project and collaborate with them.

proceer features

What features does proceer offer you?

Method / Toolbox

Intelligent methods support the user in the processing of accruing project tasks. Predefined methods can be selected or created using a method kit. The methods can be added to the project structure.

Project Templates

Choose a project flow from predefined standards or define your own project templates. From the templates, projects can be instanced and standardized within seconds.


The intelligent methods guide the user on the basis of guidelines and proposals step by step through the processing of important tasks. Even external project participants are able to process methods error-free.

Project Management

Invite project stakeholders, manage their permissions, and assign phases / tasks to the RACI schema in conjunction with a 4-eye principle. Phases / tasks can have different statuses and priorities.


Extensive summary of the project process including all changes and data for the internal or external auditing. The revision serves as documentation and as proof of compliance.


The real-time or retroperspective analysis of the project implementation enables the intelligent early detection of bottlenecks (staff / time). Suggestions for improving the workflow.

Intelligent Methods

Methodbox with Intelligent Methods

Choose from the methodbox appropriate methods for the processing of your upcoming tasks or create your own methods in a Drag & Drop Editor

Collection of Intelligent Methods

Der Methodenkoffer beinhaltet vorgefertigte intelligente Methoden und Formulare, wie z.B. Nutzwertanalysen


Create your own forms with the methods kit and add them to the methodbox


The methods guide you step by step through the processing of the tasks


Pre-fill the fields based on historical input, active support for incorrect entries



Real-time Analysis and Forecasts About the Project Progress

Keep track of ongoing or completed projects. Run benchmarks or forecast the progress of the project.

Real-time Analysis

Monitor current status of ongoing projects


Estimate / forecast project progress, early identification of bottlenecks (staff / time) and possible countermeasures


Suggestions for improving the workflow (retrospective)


Extensive summary of the project process for the internal and external auditing of projects.



Project Portfolio and Project Management Functionalities

Uncertain how to Make a make or buy decision? Plan and manage your project with the unique proceer functionalities.

Project Templates

Select a project template in which the project structure and all the tasks to be completed are specified


Monitor your projects with views of the entire project, phases and workload of the tasks


Invite internal or external editors to the project and assign strict access rights down to task level


The proceer API allows integration into common project management tools. We are planning integrations for Atlassian JIRA and MS Project


Why Us?

By using proceer you can benefit from a number of possibilities and advantages.

  • Cost Savings

    Thanks to the functionalities offered by proceer, customers and consultants work together more efficiently.

  • More Turnover

    Tool-based consulting is a selling point and a unique feature. The increased efficiency allows more projects to be processed with the same number of consultants.

  • Cost Compliance

    Standardize your projects and processes using project templates and interactive methods.

  • Enthusiasm

    Involve your customers actively in the project and keep them up to date, they will love it!

Do you have questions?

Not sure how proceer can help you? Wonder why you need proceer?

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our appreciated customers

With proceer you can ideally map recurring projects digitally.
So you can create your own project templates or select predefined and standardized templates.
In these templates, all tasks to be done are already mapped and filled with interactive methods.
The interactive methods guide the user step by step through the creation of required documents, eg. in the creation of advice-specific methods such as the inclusion of requirements in the context of a utility analysis.
You can purchase proceer in the form of the on-premise version.
If you need help setting it up, check our documentation or contact our support.
Simple adjustments can be found in the documentation.
Individual requirements can be agreed with our support.
Examples include the development of individual, interactive methods or new functionalities.
Definitely Yes, you can contact us to let us know your needs. We're always looking for new ideas to continually improve the user experience.
If your suggestion represents any value to both sides, we can include it as a part of proceer or you can request a custom build by an extra cost (Customizing).
Please note it could take some time in order for the feature to be implemented.

Interested or still having questions?

Exist Scholarship

The project "proceer" is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the Exist Business Start-up Grant.